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If you don't learn to endure heavy things, how can you ever hope to get strong? Like every winter melts into a spring, and every break will mend if you just use the proper sling.


me not shaving my legs has literally nothing to do with feminism and literally everything to do with me being lazy

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Ukraine's 'Jew Register' Either a Hoax or a Crude Extortion Scheme






If you saw the article earlier today or yesterday regarding, please spread this around. The outrage to the original thing was understandable, but people do need to know what is going on. 

Good to finally know the source. People weren’t sure of the source of the fliers to begin with, but Time’s claim that “the Jews of eastern Ukraine are in little danger” is bullshit considering:

Several anti-Semitic attacks, including a stabbing and the attempted torching of a synagogue, have occurred in Ukraine since the eruption in November of a revolution over the perceived pro-Russian policies of former President Viktor Yanukvych. He was ousted from power in February. [source]

and these are just some selected antisemitic hate crimes in the Ukraine that have happened within the last few months:

  • March 13, 2014 - Kiev - A rabbi was physically assaulted and taunted with anti-Semitic slurs by two unidentified individuals.
  • February 28, 2014 – Simferopol – Vandals spray painted “Death to the Jews” and swastikas on the outside of the Ner Tamid Reform Synagogue in the capital of Ukraine’s Crimean republic.  
  • February 24, 2014 – Zaporozhye – Molotov cocktails were thrown at the Giymat Rosa synagogue and community center.  No one was hurt in the nighttime attack, although the building suffered exterior cosmetic damage.  
  • January 26. 2014 – Kiev – A Jewish man returning from synagogue was assaulted by an unknown attacker. The attack was the third such incident within two weeks.

  • January 17, 2014 - Kiev - A 28 year-old Yeshiva student was beaten and stabbed by three youths as he was walking home from synagogue services. He managed to return to the synagogue where he collapsed. He was taken to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery on his foot.

  • January 11, 2014 - Kiev - An Israeli-born Hebrew teacher was followed home from synagogue services and beaten by four men. [source]

It’s also important to understand how incredibly antisemitic this act was, even if it was a form of political bullshit - the ADL basically said that it was just that awhile ago, but there was a lot of confusion around the source of the fliers and that doesn’t change how incredibly antisemitic this act was.

Basically, even though others and I stressed we weren’t sure of the sources of the flyers but that it’s an act of terrorism and violence even it came from a small group of bigots, I know that goyim are going to try to silence discussions of antisemitism in Europe and Ukraine because it turned out to not be the government. We said early on we weren’t sure as we spread information, but it’s never enough. People are going to find reason to discredit us and silence discussion of the escalating threats of antisemitism happening around the world like they always do.

The burgeoning ‘no big deal!’ response is so similar to what happened with the Kansas shootings. The message is: No Jews were actually hurt! Therefore you’re the Jew who cried wolf! …as if the intent behind/enabling the events is irrelevant. As if this shouldn’t be seen as a portent, the same trajectory that literally burst into flame 75-69 years ago.

I wonder if they think we’ve forgotten.

Forgotten or simply easily quieted.

On another note it’s just so depressing how these things go in cycles. I was only born in America because my great-great and great grandparents left Ukraine because of pogroms.

"Little immediate danger" is a hell of a frickin’ stretch, given the visceral terror that this flier was intended to cause.


  • dont make fun of people who believe or practice in any spirituality
  • dont make fun of people who believe in ghosts/demons/spirits/etc.
  • dont make fun of people who believe in extraterrestrial beings
  • their beliefs arent harming you in the least why the fuck would you mock someone for what they believe in what kind of fucking scumbag are you

A starter guide to researching Celtic deities




Hi guys,

Apparently lots of people make their own lists for these kinds of things. I might eventually, but for now here are some starting points if you want to search for/learn more about Celtic deities. These are websites that I have found to get the majority of their…

whata your take on the list? Joelle’s Sacred Grove is fairly inaccurate, correct?

Yeah… Joelle’s Sacred Grove is a website I used when I first started out researching, but have learned it is inaccurate in very common ways. For starters, it takes a Pan-Celtic view on deities. An example of this is thinking that “Lugh” from the Gaelic culture is the same as “Llew” in Welsh. Also comparing Lugh to Zeus bothers me… Reminds me of the Victorian scholars who tried to find the Greek and/or Roman Pantheon matches in other cultures :/

God Checker is humorous but really shallow in information. Might be amusing for people who know about the deity already?, but not helpful for someone researching deities. For instance, the section on Lugh (I know most about Him so I fact-check using Him as a baseline) is one of the many versions of His upbringing. I also never read He was “thrown into the sea” where Manannan mac Lir found Him, but that could be a specific folk retelling I just am not familiar with. At any rate, there are other legends where Lugh was raised by different foster parents—specifically Tailtiu.

Terrapsych" also has pan-Celtic tendencies, as well as comparing the gods to how Caesar interpreted them, which is misleading.  Also includes that Lugh is a sun god, which is incorrect. Therefore, I would also say that this website is based in outdated theories towards the Gaelic and in extension Celtic gods.

Raex" is a graphic designer’s nightmare x_x In addition to that, it seems very plug-and-pray. Again refers to Lugh as a solar deity, which is incorrect, and also compares the Celtic gods to archetypes, which bothers me as a hard polytheist.

Timeless Myths is yet again pan-Celtic, believing that the same gods manifested in the various Celtic cultures. Lugh is again referred to a sun god. Do not recommend.

As for Sacred Texts, I would recommend them for history and mythology sake. There are some documents that are misleading or based in outdated knowledge (some of Lady Wilde’s interpretations of pre-Christian Ireland do not match up with what I have read in various history and archaeological studies, for example.) But! It’s a great place for primary resources.

I give a lot of credit to beyondtheninthwave for the attempt, and a year ago I would have probably come up with the same list. Unfortunately, there is a lot of information that was made in the 1800s that is outdated but still circulated as fact (such as Lugh being a sun god ><.) And I mean heavily circulated. It’s hard to find sources that don’t contain it :/

I would recommend Mary Jones’ Encyclopedia for a basic introduction to Celtic deities. While still pan-Celtic at times, there is a lot less of it than there is in the sources listed originally. 

I would also recommend Tairis for specifically Gaelic (Irish, Scottish, and Manx) mythology and polytheism. Everything on there is footnoted and well researched.

I unfortunately don’t know of any other encyclopedia-type resource (even in print) that does justice to the Gaelic and/or Celtic deities.


Salvador Dali drawing a penis on the forehead of a woman and signing it with Picasso’s signature

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i am so sorry

Not sorry enough.

You should not be sorry. This is gold. Pure gold. Gold enough to get the world out of debt. I’ve been hitting replay for a while now, and I show no sign of stopping



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IT IS SAYING, “this tiny horse is very tiny but we are friends. Look at my tiny friend.”

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Walt Disney World refines Epcot Flower and Garden Festival for 2014 (by Inside the Magic)

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